Can I order a custom cake?

Absolutely, we ask for 12 days notice in advance of the date you'd like to collect the cake. Unfortunately at the time we do not post our whole cakes. Our bespoke cakes start at £45 for a two layer 10 inch sponge of any flavour with any style of buttercream decoration. Contact us to make an enquiry.

My voucher has expired during lockdown, can I still redeem it?

All vouchers have been extended indefinitely so vouchers can be redeemed at any point in the future. Our online vouchers already do not have an expiry date.

Do you Tipsy products actually contain alcohol?

Yes, we use the alcohol in the title to flavour our products as opposed to flavouring, so they do pack a punch.

How long do your brownies last?

We make our products fresh and send them out 48 hour tracked so they get to you as fresh as possible. You can then store them air tight in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

How big are your brownies and cake jars?

A box of 12 brownies measures 16cm x 16cm and our cake jars are 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide.

I can no longer attend an event, can my tickets be refunded?

Tickets cancelled more than two weeks before the date of the event can be refunded, please just write to our customer service at vintagelindylou@outlook.com or message us on facebook or instagram. Tickets cancelled after this time frame may be subjected to a cancellation fee.