King’s College Hospital TLC Appeal

Imogen's Angel Cake

Imogen’s Angel Cake is sold year round, with 10 percent of the takings going to the TLC Appeal at King’s College in memory of a beautiful young girl named Imogen. The cake is iced in a custard cream flavoured buttercream as those were Imogen’s favourite biscuits. We can bake vegan or gluten free versions if you would like to make a request. We also sell angel charms if you wish to support the cause without the calories. You can read more about Imogen’s story and her incredible parents here -

Royal British Legion


The Royal British Legion has been supported by Lindy Lou’s for many years. We sell handmade crocheted poppies all year round, every penny goes directly to the Crayford division of the RBL. We also have poppy seeds available for a donation.

Stonewall Housing

Our Rainbow Cake is one of our most popular bakes, and we have dedicated it to Pride Month. 10 percent of the takings go to Stonewall Housing; an organisation that works to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. Not only do they provide housing and rehabilitation to survivors of abuse, they also ensure older people receive safe care. You can learn more about Stonewall’s initiatives and impact here -

Rainbow Cake

Demelza Hospice for Children


When you visit us, it’s likely that there will be a hand crotcheted or knitted blanket on your chair. These are perfect for wheelchairs, prams or brightening up an armchair. We have a group of ladies who donate their time to produce these beautiful blankets for us. On sale for £15, (£25 for the double sized blankets) all profits go to Demelza Hospice for Children